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UNDATED Digital Planner - The Fitness Planner for GoodNotes, PDF - 12 Week Challenge Template

UNDATED Digital Planner - The Fitness Planner for GoodNotes, PDF - 12 Week Challenge Template

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The Digital Planner version of The Fitness Planner allows you complete creative freedom while tracking and planning your meals and workouts! This is a great tool to use if you need some structure around finally meeting your health and fitness goals, all in one digital planner. All of the pages are linked and easy to navigate!

The best part is that a portion of these profits will benefit an awesome organization - go to for more details!

What's Included:

The Dashboard: An overview of all of your weight and measurements data that you can re-visit every three weeks and check-in on your progress.

Weekly Fitness Plan: This is where you set all of your goals and targets for the next 12 weeks! Or, you can change it after any number of weeks as your plan changes and you start to make some progress.

Weekly Meal Plan: This sheet is for my fellow meal planners and marco counters. If you don't count macros, you can just use the first "cals" (calories) box. There are 12 meal planning spreads before each week! This is a great way to see a high-level view of your weekly meals.

Weekly Spread: These worksheets are what you will be using day to day! There is space to input your workouts, habits, and reflect on the progress you are making. You can also input your meal plan data at the top of each day and see if you were able to stick to your meal plan!

For this version, you will be receiving a PDF file that you are able to download to your favorite PDF markup/annotation app (Goodnotes, Notability, Noteshelf, Drawboard Pro, etc.) on your tablet. Once downloaded, you will have planner tabs on the sides and up top to quickly navigate to any and all pages.

HEADS UP: This file is for personal use only. You may not forward, share, sell or distribute the file. It is for non-commercial use only. Productive Space Design Co. retains all rights. Due to the nature of this product there will be no refunds for purchases.

***If you love the idea of using fancy built-in formulas to input your data automatically, check out the Excel version of this planner!***

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